25 декабря 2017 г.

Albums. "New Discoveries" Classes in English

Hello, friends!
Merry Christmas to you, all!

Today I'd like to present a new class that I got translated into English.
I called it "New Discoveries" because it includes my latest experience, newest tips and the most recent discoveries  in the field of creating scrapbook albums.

I taught this particular class 12 times for live audiences! 123 students created their own unique albums during these classes!

Following my detailed video instruction (with English subtitles), you'll create a gorgeous album with handmade binding.

  • My secrets, ideas and conclusions, which I do not share for free. I explain why I take particular steps and how you can do it otherwise, if you wish.
  • Detailed instructions, no empty talk, only particular examples!

In the video tutorials you'll find:

  1. Choosing and preparing materials
  2. Working with layers
  3. Composition in the albums
  4. Reliable handmade binding of my own invention
  5. Fabric cover and how to create neat corners fast
  6. Secrets, pockets, flip-outs

Do you still doubt?
4 more facts:

  • You'll find videos available online 24/7 without any time limit
  • You can pause them, rewind and create at any suitable time
  • The videos total in more than 3 hours!
  • In these classes I am sharing my 7-years experience. You'll skip the mistakes I made. 
  • The are TWO albums that we study in step-by-step videos

Launch Sale will last only for 24 hours Decemeber, 26th!

Usual cost $45
Grab your chance to get a discount, while it's there!

Follow the link to purchase the classes and learn the details.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you all!

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