9 декабря 2016 г.

New Online Class! Big Baby Album

Hello, friends! 
Have you seen my New Online Class announcement yet?
The cost of my new Big Baby Album Online Class is going up in 3 days! 🙈
Follow this link http://elenamorgun-classes.com/big-scrapbook-baby-album/ to read the details and pay today, while the discount 🎉 is still on! 👆🏻

Get the course for $69 and save not only $20, but also tons of time and effort!👌🏻💰

'What is this online course?' - you ask.
Let me tell you in a few words:

✔ Step-by-step big scrapbook album video tutorial easy-to-follow even if you never made a single album
✔ Everything explained in details (English subtitles). Every class participant will be able to make an album like in a video! You'll just need to follow my instructions.
✔ 20 pages, lots of flip-outs, handmade binding and a soft fabric cover

Why do you need an album like this? To keep the treasured photos of your kids and grandkids 👬👭 You've got quite enough folders on your hard drive!🙅
But these are your precious memories! 🙌🏻 And they deserve to be kept beautifully! 😍

The video review of the album:

Happy crafting, everyone!

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