15 мая 2014 г.

Scrapbook classes with Elena Morgun

Dear English speaking friends!

   I am excited to announce my new international on-line project Scrapbook classes with Elena Morgun

   This is a website which I have created to conduct on-line scrapbook classesand share my knowledge and experience with you! 

   And surely the first course I am inviting you to is about my passion - albums!
It is called Seven Small Steps to a Big Scrapbook Album

Enrolling to this course will give you a lifetime access to 7 step-by-step vdeo tutorials, forums with questions and advice, students galleries.
The idea of this course is to create a big (8″ by 10,5″ ) scrapbook photo album from scratch.
Even cover and binding will be fully handmade.

All the knowledge I am sharing during classes is based on my personal experience.
For all the details, please, visit the website
Price - $40
Dates - 05/22/2014 – 06/12/2014
To register on the website press "Log in", the registration form will appear.
Feel free to contact me with any questions.


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