10 сентября 2015 г.

New Online Classes in English

Hello, friends!
I am excited to announce the start of my new online classes "Layouts. Composition" in English!
About the classes:
- No boring theory! Only my personal experience and conclusions!
- Definite steps you should take to create a successful layout
- 7 classes with the video tutorials
- 10 versatile layouts

My style of teaching. 
If you succeeded, I will tell you so. But if you need to make some corrections I will also tell you about that. And also I explain WHY I want you to correct something. I feel that critique is a very important part of learning. So be ready!:)
I don't want you to copy my projects or style. I want you to LEARN the principles and create your own unique layouts!
This is a basic course. You can start it even if have never created a single layout. Or you may be an experienced layout-maker, but I am sure you'll find some interesting points for yourself. It always useful to look at a familiar object through somebody's eyes. There are no strict rules. Only the ideas and principles I have drawn from my experience.

Your level of experience wouldn't make any difference. If you are new to layouts, you even might feel more comfortable :)

Active participation in the course (with showing your results and my comments on the forums) costs $70 (two years access to the website)
Start: September, 23d
  • You will see your art growth, I guarantee! But, of course, you'll need to work, not only watch. You may choose to join as a "reader" without active participation. The cost is the same.
  • You may choose any products and follow the steps I teach you. You are free to choose materials, styles and you may get a completely different result.
  • We are going to study the process of creating of 10 different layouts. Not only watch how I put them together, but also find out why I do so.
If you want to join register at www.elenamorgun-classes.com
In the registration letter you'll get the payment information (PayPal). And on September, 23d we start!  
You can join any time later, as well.

We'll be working on one class a week, so that everybody who's got crafty time only at the weekends could keep up with us.

What? "Layouts. Composition" online course by Elena Morgun
How much? $70
When? September, 23d (active group)
Access: 2 years

Looking forward to meeting you in my class!

P. S. Feel free to ask any questions.

Всем привет!
Информация выше о тренинге по страничкам на английском языке. Данный тренинг есть для самостоятельного обучения на русском. Все подробности вот здесь.

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